• QINSUN LED Lighting Weather Proof GLD8520B

    1. The enclosure is made of high quality aluminum alloy anditcan withstand high energy impact. The surface is sprayed with high voltage electrostatic powder, and it has excellent corrosion resistance.
    2. Top brand LED light source (Nichia or PHILPS), high color rendering, low Luminous attenuation, low energy consumption, long service life, has excellent luminous maintenance rate and high efficiency.
    3. The light source adopts surface mount technology(SMT), which has excellent thermal conductivity, and can effectively derive the heat produced by LED.
    4. Transparent coveruse high transmittance material,the light utilization rate is higher . The whole lamp have different beam angle, the customers can choose freely according to the installation height.
    5. Wide voltage range: AC220V type can operate within 100-277V range. Constant current with short-circuit and over-voltage protection.excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference.
    6. Well designedtwo chamber structure, the two chambers are physically isolated from each other, and the heat dissipation performance of the lamp is more excellent, ensures the stability of each component and improves the stability of the lamp.
    7. Professional design of sealing structure, special sealing strip and embedding method, with good waterproof and dustproof performance, can be used in harsh environment.

    Applicable to factories,workshops, stations, large facilities, venues, control rooms; Widely used in petrochemical, oil fields, power, rail, metallurgy, fire, military and other industries for fixed lighting.

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