• QINSUN LED Lighting Weather Proof GLD8520

    Design Feature
    Unique dual-chamber structure : Independent chamber for LED module, driver and wiring, high reliability.
    Excellent heat sink performance : Lower LED and driver temperature, ensure longest service life.
    Latest LED technology : High efficiency LED > 140 Lm/Watt, fixture lumen efficiency exceed 120 Lm/Watt.
    High reliabillity driver : Famous brand driver, high reliabillity, efficiency > 98%, design for harshest environments.
    Easy maintenance : Easy to open back covers for wiring and replacing driver, no need dissemble whole light, easy wiring and maintenance.

    Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures, such as manufacturing plants, mining sites, heavy industrial or petrochemical facillities, marine environments, platform, loading docks, tunnels, and other outdoor areas.

    Lokasi yang membutuhkan terus menerus dan konsisten tingkat cahaya dalam suhu lingkungan yang ekstrim , seperti tanaman manufaktur , pertambangan , berat facillities industri atau petrokimia , lingkungan laut , platform, memuat dermaga , terowongan , dan area outdoor lainnya )

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