• QINSUN LED Lighting Explosion Proof HX1


    1. Adopt high lumen Cree/Nichia LED, whole light efficiency reaches 120 lumen/watt;
    2. Famous brand Meanwell driver, high reliability, high efficiency;
    3. Energy-efficient technology – up to 77% energy savings over HID fixtures;
    4. Wide power range, from 30W to 240W;
    5. Elegant design with robust structure;
    6. Independent chambers for light source, driver and junction box, easy to install;
    7. Compact size, light weight, weight is 25% less than traditional heat sink, and volume is 20% less.
    8. Wireless connection for junction box, simple to wiring and do maintenance;
    9. Versatile mounting options, easy installation.
    10. Various kinds of optics designed to maximize light distribution and intensity.
    11. Factory sealed, external sealing is not required.
    12. Five year warranty.
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