• Helon LED Lighting HLBY02

    Model Implication

    1. 1 division, 2 division Ⅱ A ~ Ⅱ C explosive gases, and/or20 area, zone 21, 22 area in which combustible dust place;
    2. Strong corrosive gas environment;
    3. Temperature classes: T1 ~ T4 (T6);
    4. Indoor, outdoor (IP54, IP65 * * when ordering need to put forward);
    5. Used in the chemical, oil, oil, Marine oil platform,Oil tankers, military industry, and dangerous place.

    Product feature

    1. The shell is made of high qualified steel plate forming, electric static spraying the surface high pressure, or stainless steel
    Board molding, transparent parts as toughened glass;
    2. The special ZhongYangSuo structure, fast openings, replace the lamp is convenient;
    3. Sealing strip use high temperature resistant, anti-aging silicone rubber, has a good waterproof,Dust and corrosion
    4. The electronic ballast installed inside for my special explosion-proof ballast, with short circuit.And open protection performance, in view of the aging effect and a flat tube with a phenomenon.Prevent circuit, make the lamps to work, and high
    efficiency and energy saving COS Φ quartile 0.98,Wide voltage input, in 170 ~ 250 V voltage range all can keep constant power
    5. With ordinary feet T8 tube or T5 energy saving  tube (with electronic ballast) or single JiaoDeng tube;
    6. According to user requirements equipped with emergency device, when the outside power failure or accident without
    electricity, to switch to an emergency lighting condition;
    7. Steel tube or cable wiring (steel pipe wiring please indicate

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