• QINSUN LED Lighting Explosion Proof BLD560


    * Latest DC LED Light engine, high light efficiency, reaches 133 lumen/watt.
    * High voltage driving, lower current, efficiency > 97%.
    * Advanced super themal phase transition technology (STPT), high cooling efficiency, low temperature, ensure long lifespan of LED.
    * Excellent uniform temperature, the temp difference of heat sink is whitin +2*C.
    * Vertical fin design facilitates air flow and dust shedding.
    * Independent chambers for light source, driver and junction box, easy to install.
    * Nano-scale anti-glare phosphor coating, absorb hamful blue light with white light excitation, increase total lumen output.
    * Wide beam angle, uniform light distribution, comfortable and healthy.
    * Compact size, light weight, weight is 25% less than traditional heat sink, and volume is 20% less.

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